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TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES2022-03-18T04:27:07+00:00

Chambers Translations Singapore provides multiple services for organizations to communicate across the world. We break language barriers and help to present your products and innovations in the global market. To fulfil all the needs of clients, Chambers offers numerous services such as translation services, interpretation services and transcription services.

Established in 1995, Chambers Translations has been providing outstanding translation and transcription for companies all around the world. To make your company efficient worldwide, our various services including transcriptions is provided in more than 80 languages. Our well trained employees take personal interest in your projects and help you achieve great results.

The transcription of audio files or converting speech into written form of document is the goal of Transcription Services. For business, legal and medical objectives, transcriptions are of great use. Chambers Translations is a professional transcription service provider, assigns subject matter experts. If the client wants to transcribe court hearings, we will appoint our legal professionals to transcribe. Transcription is not a simple thing as notes taking. So the experts in the particular area will be assigned to the clients. Usually, transcriptions are used for later references regarding court trials, medical purposes, or speech given in a conference or seminar.

For accuracy, Chambers has a team of highly qualified and skilled transcriptionists with multilingual talents. As our transcriptionists are familiar and experienced in live transcriptions, accurate transcripts are assured with no grammatical and spelling errors. Recorded speech in any format of sound files can be transcribed by our professionals.

All sorts of file formats can be transcribed by Chambers’ transcription experts. Though, clients submit audio and video files with poor clarity, we modify the tempo and deliver you the written document with appropriate content. To ease the burden of transcription from your company, our project managers undertake effective steps. So outsourcing your business transcription to Chambers Translation Singapore guarantees high standard documents and quick results.

Chambers meets all of the needs to give perfect transcription results for the clients. Entrusting your transcription works with Chambers is the most wise and beneficial option. The cost differs, depending on the length, quality, language of the audio and video files and the turnaround time of the finished documentation. We are best known for speedy response and provide value for money. To assure confidentiality and accuracy, we will sign non-disclosure agreements.

Chambers’ Transcription Services can be used for official and non official sectors. Our services extend to law firms, courts, government offices, trade associations, bureaucratic meetings, and much more. We have hundreds of multilingual and multifaceted employees, who work around the clock. Chambers Translations connect and develop companies, corporations, and organizations across the world with seven branches in major countries.