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We provide one-stop solution for ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) Translation service for anybody who is in need of translating their personal identity documents. Translated documents for permanent residence application in Singapore should be notarized by lawyer and certified by translator. ICA will never accept permanent residence application with insufficient or incomplete documents for processing. In such situation, applicants have to create fresh application for resubmitting it to notary public services.

Chambers Translation is considered to be the leading service provider of Notary Public translation, certified translation service as well as ICA translation service. We have strong record in offering customers with best-in-class, trusted corporate services. Our translation service in Singapore is specialized in offering multi-lingual services for corporation, businesses and individuals with professional transcriptions and translations needs in field of legal, marketing, advertising, education, engineering and finance.

We ensure to provide high quality document translation so that it will be accepted by embassy. Our team of proficient translators ensures to translate your documents in best possible manner without compromise in the quality of the work. All the official documents are translated using native translators who are fluent in native language. We ensure to store your files using SSL transcription. We make use of latest technology and tools to ensure high quality translation for our esteemed customers. We have gained massive experience by translating plenty of documents on regular basis.

When Customers Need Our Service?

Clients prefer our notarized translation service when they are in need of translation official documents and notarized for sake of submitting in government agencies or courts in Singapore. Notarization will be carried out by notary public who seems to be attorney-at-law or lawyer that has underwent law practice for about 12 years. However, the Notary public will serve as impartial officer. She or he will notarize the document by authenticating, witnessing as well as certifying the document execution.

The Notary public role in Singapore is to prevent scan & to ensure that the individual who executes the translation of document will carry out on his/her freewill. However, all documents do not require notarization. For example, government officials, court system, financial institutions like banks and others usually need notarization of documents. Undergoing document notarization is similar to swearing under court law of oath. Whenever the individual signs up the declaration, certificate or document translation before the Notary public, he/she reveals that information available in the document is found to be absolutely true

ICA Translation Service

We offer professional and high quality translation services for certificates and documents to make your immigration process easy and trouble-free. In order to translate documents for the sake of ICA, it need appropriate notarization by attorney so we can offer possible notarized translations to submit your document to ICA. Apart from offering document translation for immigration department, we also offer document translation for Ministry of Manpower as well. We are highly expertise in translating documents like birth certificates, court documents, passports, permanent residence registration, marriage certificates, employment contracts, academic transcripts, degrees, police clearance certificates, notarial certificate, wills etc.

Do not risk your document translation with inexperienced or freelancers certified translation providers for translation essential document needs. Documents which need notarized translation includes of:

  • Supporting documents regarding medical status
  • Clearance certificate for overseas employment
  • Supporting documents for the sake of study application overseas
  • Supporting documents to apply for student pass, Singapore citizenship, Singapore PR as well as other immigration matters
  • Conversion use of foreign driving license in Singapore
  • Documents such as court orders to be used in Singapore court
  • Any other documents which has to be notarized for official purpose

Why Prefer Us?

At Chambers Translation, we provide the following advantages for our customers such as:

  • Official Acceptance: Our translated documents are fully accepted by MOM, ICA, LTA, Businesses, Universities and Supreme Court.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: We appoint dedicated service manager to take care of the project from beginning to finish irrespective of whether it is small or big.
  • No Hidden Charges: We always trust in transparency so we never charge for miscellaneous fees including handling and admin costs.
  • Experienced Translators: We are highly specialized in handling official and legal document translations in best possible manner.
  • Translate in Different languages: With the aid of native speaking proficient translators, you can able to translate your documents into different languages.
  • No delivery fees: We always consider for best service so we never charge extra delivery fees for sending the hardcopy.
  • Competitive pricing: We always offer competitive price rate for translation of essential documents. Our prices are highly affordable and competitive.

If you want our ICA translation service, you must get a free quote from us by visiting the website. We ensure to provide reasonable price rate for our services so you can able to meet your notary needs in best possible way.