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Chambers Bengali Translations Services established in 1995 is one the oldest and the most well established International translation services company in Singapore, located @ Peace Centre # 03-09, Singapore 228149 , Chambers Translation Service provides accurate and reliable translation services for more than 80 languages including Bengali Translation Services for all types of documents

Chambers Bengali Translation Services has been providing quality Bengali Translation with proficient Bengali Translators, who have prolonged performance in translating Bengali files. We are specialized in translating documents for miscellaneous sectors including Law, Finance, Medicine, Chemical industries, and Technology.

We can translate documents from Bengali into English and from Bengali into more than 80 other languages including English into Bengali

Chambers Bengali Translation Services only hires professional Bengali translators who have a good track record in providing customers with high quality translation, we take care to ensure each translated document meets each client’s needs. Our trained Senior Bengali translators proof read carefully and check each translation we produce, to ensure our valued clients get accurate translations

Why Choose Chambers Bengali Translation Services?

Don’t trust your international language needs to less than the best

Quality Standards

Thorough and accurate. 73% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by many prominent companies worldwide.

Trained Native-Speaking Professionals

Experienced professionals and subject specialists on every project.

Cost Effective

Types of Arabic documents we handle

  • Bengali translation services for Birth certificates
  • Bengali translation services for Diploma certificates
  • Bengali translation services for Wedding certificates
  • Bengali translation services for Legal contract
  • Bengali translation services for Divorce decree
  • Bengali translation services for No Impediment to marry
  • Bengali translation services for Police Criminal Record
  • Bengali translation services for Death Certificate
  • Bengali translation services for Driving license
  • Bengali translation services for Bank statement
  • Translation services for Registration document
  • Translation services for Insurance certificates
  • Translation services for Chinese Passport
  • Translation services for ID card
  • Bengali We translate all official documents

Bengali also known as Bangla is the national and official language in Bangladesh. Bengali is one of the 23 official languages recognized by the republic of India. It is written using a Bengali script and a member of the Indo-Aryan language. It is derived from Sanskrit and appears to be similar to Hindi. Bengali language is spoken by more than 210 million people as their first and secondary language. It is one of the most widely spoken languages and ranks seventh in the world.

The economy of Bangladesh is one of the fast developing countries. Bangladesh ranked as the 37th largest economy in the world. With $306 Billion GDP the economy has grown 6.1% per annum over past few years. Exports of textiles and garments are the largest source of foreign exchange earnings.

Exporting and importing goods contribute a lot in the growth of Bangladesh’s economy it only means that there is a lot of opportunity for global expansions. You can achieve pleasant business relationship with your new market prospects if the problem with language barrier will be solving in first hand.

If you are planning to recruit or train workers from Bangladesh we would be happy to translate your training manuals and translate your employment contracts as well.

Chambers Consultants Pte Ltd can help you reach Bengali-speaking business partners and target markets. Chambers provide top quality Bengali translation services. Our translators are qualified and experienced native speakers of the target language, and have a solid technical background in their areas of specialisation.

For a free consultation you can reach us via email or visit our website Our support team will be gladly assist you and provide you with reasonable fee quotation and an appropriate lead time.