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Chambers Tagalog Translations Services established in 1995 is one the oldest and the most well established International translation services company in Singapore, located @ Peace Centre # 03-09, Singapore 228149 , Chambers Translation Service provides accurate and reliable translation services for more than 80 languages including Tagalog Translation Services for all types of documents

Chambers Tagalog Translations Services Singapore has a team of professional Tagalog Translators, our Tagalog translators possess Tagalog Translation qualifications and a good track record in translating Tagalog documents. We have Tagalog translators who specialise in translating Legal, Financial, Medical, Chemical and Technical documents

We can translate documents from Tagalog into English and from Tagalog into more than 80 other languages including English into Tagalog

Chambers Taglog Translation Services only hires professional Tagalog translators who have a good track record in providing customers with high quality translation, we take care to ensure each translated document meets each client’s needs. Our trained Senior Tagalog translators proof read carefully and check each translation we produce, to ensure our valued clients get accurate translations

Why Choose Chambers Tagalog Translation Services?

Don’t trust your international language needs to less than the best

Quality Standards

Thorough and accurate. 73% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by many prominent companies worldwide.

Trained Native-Speaking Professionals

Experienced professionals and subject specialists on every project.

Cost Effective

Types Tagalog documents we handle

  • Tagalog translation services for Birth certificates
  • Tagalog translation services for Diploma certificates
  • Tagalog translation services for Wedding certificates
  • Tagalog translation services for Legal contract
  • Tagalog translation services for Divorce decree
  • Tagalog translation services for No Impediment to marry
  • Tagalog translation services for Police Criminal Record
  • Tagalog translation services for Death Certificate
  • Tagalog translation services for Driving license
  • Tagalog translation services for Bank statement
  • Tagalog translation services for Registration document
  • Tagalog translation services for Insurance certificates
  • Tagalog translation services for Chinese Passport
  • Tagalog translation services for ID card
  • We translate all official documents

Tagalog is derived from the word taga-ilog, taga means “native of” and ilog means “river”. Hence, it means “river dweller”. Its standardized form is called Filipino which is the national language of the Philippines that makes English Language as their second language. Philippines has over 90 million people and Tagalog is the first language by a quarter of their population and as a second language by the majority. Other than Tagalog, there are about 111 distinct indigenous languages and dialects, of which only about 10 dialects like Bisaya, Ilonggo, Kapampangan, Ilocano and etc. are important regionally.

The Philippine economy has been growing steadily over decades and the International Monetary Fund in 2014 reported it as the 39th largest economy in the world. The Philippines is considered as a newly industrialized country, which has been transitioning from one based on agriculture to one based more on services and manufacturing. In 2014, the GDP by Purchasing power parity was estimated to be at $692.223 billion. Filipinos who go aboard to work–-known as Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs—are a significant contributor to the economy. OFW remittances is also credited for the Philippines’ recent economic growth resulting to investment status upgrades. Furthermore, the export-import industry of transport equipment, garments, copper and petroleum products, coconut oil, fruits, mineral fuels, machinery and grains; the outsourcing market industry for America and other countries.

HSBC foresees the Philippine economy will leapfrog 27 places to become the world’s 16th largest economy in the world in 2050 and so the need for foreign companies to reach the Philippine market increases and so does the urgency for translating languages into Tagalog.

Knowing and understanding Tagalog helps easy interaction and can save unnecessary hassle especially when you are engaged in business or trade. It brings better business dealings with Filipinos who are known for their sensitivity which they inherited from their Latin roots. Being able to communicate in Tagalog with the aid of translation would be deeply appreciated by Filipino customers.

Tagalog Translation services is very important especially for companies wanting to enter the consumer market in the anticipation of the growing middle classes in Philippine. It is advisable to translate the advertisements for their products or services in Tagalog. To reach this goals you need knowledgeable and skilled translators, this is where Chambers Translation can help you. Chambers has a team of Tagalog professional translators who are experts in different fields like legal, medical, technical, financial and etc.

Tagalog Translation Services can be differed as per the circumstances or social and cultural contexts. Tagalog writing depends upon the various possible situations, in which it is used. The materials can be changed according to business, advertising, public relations or instructions, and by the kind of audience, too.

Chambers provides tagalog translation services for a number of fields including legal tagalog translation services, medical tagalog translation services, technical tagalog translation services, and financial tagalog translation services. Chambers also provides tagalog Interpreting services, includes Consecutive tagalog Interpretation, Simultaneous tagalog Interpretation and whispering tagalog Interpretation.

Chambers Translations is one of the most trusted translation service companies in Singapore Company. To reach Chambers, visit their website at www.chamberstranslations.com or send an email to sales@chamberstranslations.com. You can also reach our in house Tagalog Translation Services Team by telephone at +65 6339 1886.