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Cambodian Translation

Top-notch quality Cambodian Translation Services is offered by Chambers Translation Services in Singapore, since 1995. Our clients are ensured by our scientific, medical, and technical translation, interpretation, and localization from Cambodian to more than 80 languages and vice versa. With the steady focus, industry-leading QMS, linguistic specialization, and customer- centered attitude, we have assisted international engineering, technology, pharmaceutical, and biomedical organizations. Our language services firm has joined hands with over 1500 global companies.

We provide a distinct depth of subject-matter experience and worldwide understanding on companies including technology, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, clinical research, aerospace and defense, energy and many others. We have about 6000 specialists comprising of multilingual engineers, scientists and doctors who work in various countries. Our company is known to be the ISO certified firm which ensures to meet quality standards in all the translation needs.

At Chambers Translation, we are driven well by the mission to create new standard of high quality technical translation as well as localization. Our mission has been quite helpful in driving business success and makes us to stand apart from other competitors. When you are in need of precise global communication, Chambers Translation is considered to be the clear choice.

History Of Cambodian Language

Khmer or Cambodian is considered to be the Mon-Khmer language and it is widely spoken by Vietnamese people. It is known to be the official language of Cambodia as well. Furthermore, Khmer language is spoken in Thailand, Vietnam as well as other emigration nations. Khmer utilizes his own script and hence differs widely from other neighboring languages. Khmer language was influenced by Pali and Sanskrit language through Buddhism and Hinduism.

Cambodian seems to be previously recorded & written language of Mon-Khmer family. It has been greatly affected by Cham, Vietnamese, Lao, Thai and others due to its geographic proximity but differs greatly from other languages because of its tonal language. There is a mutual intelligibility found between prime dialects including Khmer Krom, Battambang, Northern Khmer, Phnom Penh as well as Cardomon Khmer. However, Cambodian seems to use its own script called as Aksher Khmer or Khmer language

Why Consider Our Services?

We are specialized in offering high volume Cambodian translation services for our esteemed customers. Our teams of qualified translators are extremely dedicated to provide high quality translation of various documents including educational transcript, birth certificate, divorce certificate, education transcript and many others. We can able to translate your Cambodian documents into any language which you want for. We have adequate expertise in offering precise and accurate translation services in about 140 languages. Our online translation service provide you varied access to numerous document translation such as real estate translation, technical translation, notarized translation, website translation, marketing translation, legal translation, hospital translation, certified translation and so on.

Our company also provides top-notch English to Cambodian and Cambodian to English and various other languages for several industries including culture, literature, education, journalism, sports, software, business, insurance, economics, banking, marketing, advertising, social sciences, technology, physical sciences, sports and engineering. Our team of experienced translators ensures to provide high quality Cambodian translation in reasonable rate without compromise in the quality of the work.

Our Professional Translation Team

Our translation team comprises of several experienced and expert Cambodian translators. Each and every translator is specialized in various fields such as medical, financial, legal and many others.  Whether the Cambodian translation requirement is large or small, Chambers Translation is always there to guide you with all kinds of translation needs. Our professional translation team has several document translators who are highly specialized in translating several different kinds of documents including diplomas and transcripts, divorce decrees and marriage certificates, death and birth certificates and other Cambodian documents.

We have wonderful Cambodian quality assurance editors and software engineers who can localize any website or software product. We can able to professionally translate any kind of Cambodian site, no matter whether it is advanced Perl/PHP/Java or Static HTML site. In this globalization age, you will certainly like to localize your site into the desired Cambodian language. It seems to be massively cost-effective investment & regarded as the simplest means to extend your business. We offer high tech services for Cambodian transcriptions, interpretation, multilingual search, voice-overs and many others. No matter what your translation needs in Cambodian language, Chambers Translation Singapore can offer you what you want.

Benefits Of Chambers Translation

Chambers Translation provides best possible services for the customers using the team of proficient translators. We have good track of proven record on offering high quality translation. We understand your translation needs very well prior to translating the documents. By preferring our translation company, you are sure to get enormous benefits including:

  • We have well trained native-speaking professionals who are well versed in specific subject matter
  • We have proven track record which is trusted by several corporations present worldwide.
  • Our teams of translators are highly experienced to offer best-in-class document translation
  • We provide accurate and reliable Cambodian translation services
  • We are available round-the-clock to provide prominent translation services