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Interpretation Services

To achieve whispered interpretation services, the interpreter either stands or sits adjacent to the small segment of target-language audience thus whispering a concurrent interpretation of matter. This service does not need any equipment. Interpretation in Singapore is usually employed where most of the group tends to speak the native language and a minority group of people does not speak it.

Consecutive interpretation

For the consecutive interpretation, the interpreter will speak when the native-language speaker complete their speaking. The speech is sub divided into various segments of exactly one to three sentences, and the interpreter will stand or sit next to the native-language speaker, hearting to the speech & when the speaker finishes or pauses speaking, the consecutive interpreter will provide the whole message in the targeted language.

Consecutively-interpreted speech or segment of it seems to be extremely short and small. The consecutive interpretation Singapore facilitates for the full meaning of the native-language message which must be understood prior the interpreter delivers it to specific language. It provides a real, accurate & accessible interpretation compared with the simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation

For simultaneous interpretation, the qualified interpreter delivers the message in the native-language as quickly as they can originate it from native language whilst the native-language speaker speaks continuously by accommodating in sound-proof booth, as the SI interpreter speakers using microphone whilst clearly viewing & hearing the native-language speaker through earphones. The simultaneous interpretation Singapore services are delivered to the target-language listeners through their earphones. This is the superior form of interpretation which usually needs a pair of highly talented staff to manage every source language which is usually spoken at court hearing or conference.

Significant Considerations

To provide a smoother interpretation & to benefit the targeted speakers & listeners, we would get the relevant materials regarding the subject matter before two weeks time prior to the interpretation event. This seems to be quite useful particularly when industry or company or technical specific terminology is employed.

Chambers Interpretation services Singapore offer a whole set of supporting technicians and SI equipment for the sake of SI interpretation events depending upon the request. Generally, a lead time of about 3 weeks is needed to survey the website & make necessary arrangements for establishment of compatible tools, testing & supporting staffs. At the time of peak seasons for meetings and conventions, a longer lead time might be needed.