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Malay Translation Services

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Malay to English Translation Services
English to Malay Translation Services

Malay also known as Bahasa Melayu is the official language of several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Malay is one of the languages widely spoken in Singapore. Nearly 40 million people speak Malay and it has been established as the native and regional language of several coastal areas of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Malay belongs to Austronesian family of Language that is widely spread across Southeast Asia, Madagascar and the Pacific. Bahasa Melayu in Malaysia is similar with Bahasa Indonesia because both languages derive from Standard Malay. Their main difference is the vocabulary as both have been influence by Sanskrit, Arabic and Javanese. Malay can be written in two scripts which is Roman alphabet called Rumi and an Arabic-derived script called Jawi. Both scripts are official but Rumi is by far more commonly used in Malay’s daily lives.

The economy of Malaysia is the third largest economy in South East Asia behind more populous Indonesia and Thailand. Malaysia’s economic performance has been one of the best in Asian region with $525 billion GDP and 4.7% GDP Growth last 2013. As a member of ASEAN Free Trade Area which was established in 1992 to promote trade among ASEAN members.

In this era of globalization, many companies seek global expansion of their businesses. Global expansion requires proper understanding of your international target market. In targeting Malay speaking countries, effective translation can help in crossing the bridge between two parties.

Chambers has professional translators that can ease the process of dealing with Malay speaking clients. Chambers has qualified Malay translators who can provide high quality translated documents related to marketing, financial, legal, medical, and technical translation service. Our experienced and proficient translators can understand your expectations and present well-placed Malay translations.

For assistance with your Malay translation needs kindly send your queries to us for a formal quotation. We have a support team that will gladly assist you. You can reach us via email or visit our website