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Despite Bengali being one of the growing languages, Bengali Translation has not grown as expected. Very few interpreting service providers translate into Bengali. Considering that Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh, and one of the 23 official languages spoken in India, the Bengali Translationservices are expected to be readily available. The economic upswing of India in the past few years has brought the need for more translation services.Consequently, the Bengali Translationservices are gradually picking their grounds, with the establishment of a few translation firms. Chambers Bengali translation is one of the known firms which offer Bengali Translation. If you are in need of translation services, contact us today or email us at Alternatively, you can call us on +65 6339 1886.

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The economic changes in India duringthe last few years cannot be denied or ignored. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The economy has grown with 6.1% per year for the past several years. Much of the growth is due to the beautiful textiles exported from India.

The Bengali language, known by its native speakersas Bangla, ranks 7th in the world and 210 million people consider it their first or second language. Similar to Hindi, it is not an easy language to learn. Each consonant has an inherent vowel which has two pronunciations. Vowels can be written independently, before or after a consonant. There are special conjunct letters which occur in clusters. Moreover, it consists of two basic styles of speech – formal (known as Sadhubhasa) used in both business and literature, and colloquial (called Chaltibhasa) which originated from street dialects and is used in the everyday conversations.

Chambers Bengali translation has been serving the translation needs ofbusinesses since 1995 and quickly has become one of the most respected services in the industry. Bengali is one of the 80 languages they translate and interpret. With the economic boom in Bangladesh, the need for translators has risen drastically. Chambers Translations has an office in Singapore to be close to the region, allowing the clients greater access to needed support. That support includes translations, interpretations, certified translations, typesetting and transcriptions.

Chambers Bengali translation hires only native speakers with professional background in translation, transcription and interpreting. Bengali translators also have extensive knowledge and experience in legal, medical, pharmaceutical, and other specific areas. Chambers knows that the words used in contracts or other legal documents can either make money for the company or cost them plenty. One mistake in a contract could cost a fortune.

When a certified translation is needed, Chambers Bengali translationhas the service to meet that need. The company is able to certify birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, back to work releases and many more legal documents. Like with all the services Chambers offers, they stand behind the project they complete. They handle each project, whether large or small, as if it were their own. By the time their project is completed, the clients have become part of the Chambers’family. This, along with the confidence that their business is in good hands, is among the reasons why they remain loyal to the company and continue to trust it with further projects. 73% of Chambers Translations’ clients are in fact returning customers.

Moving to a new country can be extremely difficult. Unfamiliarity with the local customsand traditions can make for some embarrassing moments. Especially if the new arrival is in a position of authority, any faux pas can cost the unsuspecting foreigner the respect of the native employees. For example, it’s good to know that age, gender and status differences do matter for the Bangladeshis, and hierarchy should be respected and observed by every newcomer who wants to fit in this society. Addressing people with a higher social status by their first name would be considered impolite or even offensive. The same applies for showing the soles of one’s shoes or feet, as well as greeting, eating or drinking with the left hand. There are many and more things to learn about the complex culture, traditions and etiquette in Bangladesh.

Having a deeper understanding of all this is very beneficial. Chambers provides trainings to foreign employees or contractors going to Bangladesh so they are familiar with the language and culture from the time they step off the plane.

Chambers Bengali translation rates are some of the lowest in the industry. They complete each and every project in a timely manner and guarantee to meet any deadline they accept. With almost 20 years of experience, low rates, guaranteed satisfaction, experienced professionals, and native speakers, Chambers is able to offer services unmatched by any other translation company.

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