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Translation services in Singapore have become vital to major corporations in the world. A significant portion of the business is done in Asia where the languages and dialects are numerous. Having translation services closer to the region receiving services is beneficial. There are several translation services in Singapore. One of the most respected is Chambers Translations.

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Translation services have become essential to businesses, both large and small. In today’s world, being able to speak to someone in a different country is as necessary and common as speaking to the person in the next room. When conducting business in Asia, chances are you will find some language barriers as many different language are spoken in Asia. It is not practical or possible to hire an employee for every language in the world.

It is much more practical to hire companies who offer translation services. Several companies have been established in Singapore because of the frequency of services needed in Asia. Chambers Translations began in 1995 and are currently translating over 80 languages.

Within Asian languages there are many dialects. Chambers Translations hires only native speaking translators familiar with the different dialects. All translators at Chambers are tested and screened carefully before employment begins. They are familiar with industry verbiage in the target language. During negotiations that comprehension could mean the difference in acquiring and losing a contract.

Chambers Translations also offers certified translations. Certification services are available for divorce decrees, birth certificates, marriage license, legal documents, criminal records, and many more. Chambers translators provide interpretation for meetings and court sessions when needed.

Translation is the art of converting documents from one language to the target language. Some clients request a native speaker of the target language be with them during negotiations or legal hearings. Rather than translating every word, the translator will interpret what the speaker says every three or four sentences. Chambers offers three types of interpretation. Whisper means the interpreter stand close to the client and whisper the interpretation on continual basis. Consecutively means the translator will interpret after the speaker stops speaking. Simultaneous means the translator speaks while the speaker is still speaking, often through an ear piece.

Transcription is the process of converting spoken word into writing and is one of the most vital services offered. It is documenting what is said and done in a meeting or courtroom. These services are provided by native speakers who are familiar with the legal terms or business terms used during the meeting.

Chambers’ attention to detail, efficient service, and low rates have earned them numerous repeat customers. Their business is comprised of 73% returning clients. These clients know the value of dependable service. Chambers Translation stands behind its services and employees. Their clients know that at Chambers they are getting the best translation and interpretation service.

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