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One of the most respected translations services, Chambers Translations is located around the world. One of their busiest locations is Singapore.Singaporeis quickly becoming a major center for business. The need for translation services has increased in the last 20 years.

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Chambers Translation services is one of the most respected companies in Singapore. Chambers Translations began in 1995 with the goal to serve business translating documents. Since that time services in Singapore have increased with the demand of the clients. Many businesses are moving their facilities to Singapore. It is a more centralized location for shipping products around the world. Chambers listens and takes the customer’s expectations seriously. Every client becomes part of the Chambers team of project consultants, translators, proofreaders, copywriters, and developers.

Conducting business around the world requires some extra services such as translation. Hiring a translation service in Singapore gives the client greater access to the service when needed. Chambers Translations is known for their efficiency, dependability, and quick completion of projects. They have earned the respect of their clients. Their business is comprised of 73% returning clients. These companies returned to Chambers because the quick delivery and excellent quality.Many of the companies on Fortune 500 list use Chambers translations in Singapore including Sony, Johnson and Johnson, Hewlett Packard, and Rolls Royce.

Chambers Translations is able to translate into 80 different languages. They hire native speaking translators who are also familiar with a profession. The translators are not only proficient in language but also have experience in the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, corporate, and other professions. This allows them to be knowledgeable of the professional verbiage used in contract negotiation.

Chambers treats every project as if it were their own. The size of the project is not an issue with Chambers Translations. Each project receives the same care and effort whether large or small. Chambers is known for their attention to detail and stand behind every translation project they accept.

Occasionally, a client needs certified translation for legal matters. Chambers certifies documents such as death certificates, marriage license, release to work, birth certificates, and many more. Chambers also offers transcription services. Transcription is documenting every word said in a meeting or the court of law which can be crucial if an issue arises.

Other services offered by Chambers include copywriting and editing, proofreading, dubbing and voiceover, multilingual, website and software localization, and typesetting.

The efficient way Chambers handles translations, allows them to keep the rates at one of the lowest in the industry. The cost of jobs depends on several factors. It is based on whether the translation is required in a camera ready format, if the source document is provided electronically, the length of the project,and the languages required. To receive a quote, click the Quotetab on the menu bar. Complete the form with as much information as possible including format of the project, timeline, and the languages required. Please leave a glossary of terms. This will help Chambers Translations pair the project with a knowledgeable translator.

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