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Translation Services in Singapore

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. The word translation derives from the Latin translatio, which itself comes from trans- and fero, together meaning "to carry across" or "to bring across".

Reaching foreign markets is very essential now days because it can contribute a lot in the increase of your target market. Getting your foreign market is never easy because you may encounter some obstacles especially the “language barriers”. Penetrating the foreign market means adapting to their needs, culture and language.

Good quality translation is very important because one mistake can make the whole meaning of translation differ from its original text. It should not be word-by-word literal translation because sometimes it does not capture the exact meaning or spirit of the whole sentence or phrase. It is very critical to do proper translation of documents because poor quality translation will affect your image and reputation.

High quality training of translators is the key factor to ensure documents are well translated. It always helps if the translator has good understanding of the subject matter and a good understanding of the culture of target market.

We do not translate the source file word-by-word as it may cause some distortion to the meaning. Before submitting the final translated document we make a thorough quality check to ensure that the documents are translated in a good and accurate manner.

Proof reading translations help us to ensure there is no distortion to the meaning of the source documents. For all your translation needs contact our Singapore translation team on +6563391886.

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