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In Singapore, just like in the other parts of the United Kingdom, English is the most spoken language. Due to the increase in business activities (especially international businesses), the need to translate from English to other languages and vise versa has emerged. To cater for these needs, translation agencies are rapidly springing up in Singapore to meet these demands of businesses. Chambers Translations is among the oldest firms to be established, as it was established in 1995 for the purpose of providing translation services to corporations that conduct business around the world. Chambers has quickly become one of the most respected translation agencies in Singapore.

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There are over eightySingaporetranslation servicesas listed in Singapore. Some have been serving for years, while others just arrived. Their main job is to translate documents from one language to a target language. Most hire translators with a certain degree of proficiency to complete the tasks. These employees translate documents word for word as much as possible while maintaining the rules of the target language. Once completed, the document is a reasonable translation of the original document.

Chambers Translations doesn’t accept ‘ordinary’translators. They hire native speakers who are familiar with the business or corporation needing the translation. The translator will have experience with the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, or other professions. This experience is valuable when creating contracts or other legal documents that might need to stand up in court. Chambers knows that the wording on these documents is crucial and can make a difference if an issue arises needing an arbitrator.

In 2015, Chambers will be celebrating their twentieth year in business. During that time they have adapted their services many times to meet the needs of their clients. As businesses grow and their translation needs along with them, Chambers has been able to meet those needs. They pride themselves on knowing business trends and being able to anticipate the needs of the client before the client does. They are dedicated to their clients and approach each project as if it were their own. There is no project too big or small for Chambers to translate to one of the eighty languages available. Chambers offers one of the best Singaporetranslation services.

Chambers Translations has a special way of working for their clients to ensure maximum satisfaction;they bring the client onboard as part of the team. By working as a team with the client rather than an employee of the client, the project is completed with a set of higher standards. This attention to detail has brought many clients back to Chambers for repeat projects. Chambers cliental list is comprised of 73% returning customers.

One of the many services Chambers does for clients is Certified Translation. A legal document must be certified before it can be accepted by the company. Chambers certifies all legal documents including marriage certificates, birth certificates, return to work releases, educational transcripts, and many more. A complete list is available on their website at

While all projects are completed in a timely manner, if a client has a deadline, Chambers Translations does all it can to meet that target. Satisfaction of the client is paramount to Chambers Translations. When Chambers accepts a project, it becomesmore than a job. It is a goal they intend to meet. If the client isn’t satisfied, neither is Chambers.

Chambers Translations is one of the most respected translation agencies because of their attention to details, approach to the project, efficient services, quick turn around, and low rates.

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