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Business transactions have increased in Asia at an amazing rate over the last few years, resulting in a need for qualified translators speaking the languages of the region. One of the most prominent languages of the region is Thai, spoken by around 65 million people. Chambers Translations is one of the leading companies translating to Thai for business.

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Many businesses have moved all or part of their facilities to Asia. While Asia has enjoyed the economic boom, the transactions have resulted in a need for translators familiar with the languages of Asia. Chambers Translations hires native speakers who are also familiar with business to ensure accuracy in both language and business.

One of the more difficult languages to learn is Thai. Although the syntax or order of the words is a simple pattern, the similar sounds of many letters complicateacquisition of the language. That is the reason Chambers Translations only hires native Thai speakers. Not many translation companies have a policy of hiring only native speakers. Chambers Translations goes a step further. Their Thai translators must also be familiar with the business they are serving. They are experienced with legal, medical, pharmaceutical, and other professions.

Chambers knows the complexity of contract negotiations and the problems inaccurate wording can cause in a legal situation. Employees who do Thai translation understand the seriousness of business transactions and the finality of a contract. When a Chambers Thai translation is used to conduct business, the client can be sure he or she is getting the best in translation services.

Services from Chambers Translations Thai speakers include more than just translation, which is the art of converting documents or phrases from one target language to another. They also offer Interpretation which is basically paraphrases the information every few sentences. Three different types of Interpretation are available. Whisper, the translator stands close to the client and whispers the interpretation. When the translator speaks after the speaker it is called Consecutive. Simultaneous is when the translator speaks at the same time as the speaker.

Another service of Chambers Translations available in Thai is Transcription or the art of putting the spoken word from a meeting or courtroom into writing. These transcriptions are certified by Chambers Translations.

Chambers Translations is the one of the oldest and most respected firms in the translation business. They have been serving the translation needs of their clients since 1995. Clients know that Chambers translators approach each project as if it were their own and take every task seriously regardless of size or difficulty. They make every effort to complete the request quickly and efficiently. This efficiency is what allows them to keep rates at some of the lowest in the business. Their commitment, quality service, dependability, and accuracy have earned the trust of their clients. Chambers is proud to say that 73% of their business is repeat customers. These customers were satisfied with the service they received and chose Chambers Translations again when they needed translation services.

Chambers Translations continues to grow and expand their services to keep up with this fast paced conglomerate world. It is their goal to be able to anticipate the needs of their clients and be equipped to meet those needs when the client asks.

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