Translation Service in Singapore

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In Singapore, just like in the other parts of the United Kingdom, English is the most spoken language. Due to the increase in business activities (especially international businesses), the need to translate from English to other languages and vise versa has emerged. To cater for these needs, translation agencies are rapidly springing up in Singapore to meet these demands of businesses. Chambers Translations is among the oldest firms to be established, as it was established in 1995 for the purpose of providing translation services to corporations that conduct business around the world. Chambers has quickly become one of the most respected translation agencies in Singapore.

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There are over eightySingaporetranslation servicesas listed in Singapore. Some have been serving for years, while others just arrived. Their main job is to translate documents from one language to a target language. Most hire translators with a certain degree of proficiency to complete the tasks. These employees translate documents word for word as much as possible while maintaining the rules of the target language. Once completed, the document is a reasonable translation of the original document.

Chambers Translations doesn’t accept ‘ordinary’translators. They hire native speakers who are familiar with the business or corporation needing the translation. The translator will have experience with the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, or other professions. This experience is valuable when creating contracts or other legal documents that might need to stand up in court. Chambers knows that the wording on these documents is crucial and can make a difference if an issue arises needing an arbitrator.

In 2015, Chambers will be celebrating their twentieth year in business. During that time they have adapted their services many times to meet the needs of their clients. As businesses grow and their translation needs along with them, Chambers has been able to meet those needs. They pride themselves on knowing business trends and being able to anticipate the needs of the client before the client does. They are dedicated to their clients and approach each project as if it were their own. There is no project too big or small for Chambers to translate to one of the eighty languages available. Chambers offers one of the best Singaporetranslation services.

Chambers Translations has a special way of working for their clients to ensure maximum satisfaction;they bring the client onboard as part of the team. By working as a team with the client rather than an employee of the client, the project is completed with a set of higher standards. This attention to detail has brought many clients back to Chambers for repeat projects. Chambers cliental list is comprised of 73% returning customers.

One of the many services Chambers does for clients is Certified Translation. A legal document must be certified before it can be accepted by the company. Chambers certifies all legal documents including marriage certificates, birth certificates, return to work releases, educational transcripts, and many more. A complete list is available on their website at

While all projects are completed in a timely manner, if a client has a deadline, Chambers Translations does all it can to meet that target. Satisfaction of the client is paramount to Chambers Translations. When Chambers accepts a project, it becomesmore than a job. It is a goal they intend to meet. If the client isn’t satisfied, neither is Chambers.

Chambers Translations is one of the most respected translation agencies because of their attention to details, approach to the project, efficient services, quick turn around, and low rates.

Translation Services in Singapore

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One of the most respected translations services, Chambers Translations is located around the world. One of their busiest locations is Singapore.Singaporeis quickly becoming a major center for business. The need for translation services has increased in the last 20 years.

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Chambers Translation services is one of the most respected companies in Singapore. Chambers Translations began in 1995 with the goal to serve business translating documents. Since that time services in Singapore have increased with the demand of the clients. Many businesses are moving their facilities to Singapore. It is a more centralized location for shipping products around the world. Chambers listens and takes the customer’s expectations seriously. Every client becomes part of the Chambers team of project consultants, translators, proofreaders, copywriters, and developers.

Conducting business around the world requires some extra services such as translation. Hiring a translation service in Singapore gives the client greater access to the service when needed. Chambers Translations is known for their efficiency, dependability, and quick completion of projects. They have earned the respect of their clients. Their business is comprised of 73% returning clients. These companies returned to Chambers because the quick delivery and excellent quality.Many of the companies on Fortune 500 list use Chambers translations in Singapore including Sony, Johnson and Johnson, Hewlett Packard, and Rolls Royce.

Chambers Translations is able to translate into 80 different languages. They hire native speaking translators who are also familiar with a profession. The translators are not only proficient in language but also have experience in the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, corporate, and other professions. This allows them to be knowledgeable of the professional verbiage used in contract negotiation.

Chambers treats every project as if it were their own. The size of the project is not an issue with Chambers Translations. Each project receives the same care and effort whether large or small. Chambers is known for their attention to detail and stand behind every translation project they accept.

Occasionally, a client needs certified translation for legal matters. Chambers certifies documents such as death certificates, marriage license, release to work, birth certificates, and many more. Chambers also offers transcription services. Transcription is documenting every word said in a meeting or the court of law which can be crucial if an issue arises.

Other services offered by Chambers include copywriting and editing, proofreading, dubbing and voiceover, multilingual, website and software localization, and typesetting.

The efficient way Chambers handles translations, allows them to keep the rates at one of the lowest in the industry. The cost of jobs depends on several factors. It is based on whether the translation is required in a camera ready format, if the source document is provided electronically, the length of the project,and the languages required. To receive a quote, click the Quotetab on the menu bar. Complete the form with as much information as possible including format of the project, timeline, and the languages required. Please leave a glossary of terms. This will help Chambers Translations pair the project with a knowledgeable translator.

Translating Malaysian Languages

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Malaysia’s economy is one of the fastest growing in Asia. According to reports, it is growing at a rate of 4.7% annually. This economic boom has prompted many businesses to move or build a branch in Malaysia. Language is a paramount role player for success of any business. Since not all people involved in the business transactions understand the various languages used, translation from one language to the other are very important. Translation services are offered for the three main languages of Malaysia. The translation services of the three main languages; Malay translations, Mandarin translations and Tamil translations can be accessed by logging into this website,

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Malaysia has the third largest economy in Asia and continues to grow at a rate of 4.7% each year. This constant growth has spurred many businesses to relocate at least a portion of their production to Malaysia. Given the many languages spoken in Asia, many businesses have had to seek the services of translations companies.Chambers Translations is one of the companies which have proven to be very helpful to client. They are very accurate in their translations and they have hospitable staff. You can contact them by logging to

The three main languages of Malaysia are Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. These languages may be spoken and understood by most people in Asia, but the differences within them, makes translating them a daunting task. When the translation is critical to business, one would be wise to consider a respected and experienced translation service.

Malay is called BahasaMelayu (Malay language) in Singapore and Brunei. Malay was used widely in the 15th century and considered the trade language. It is considered a classical language and still uses pronunciations and language rules that are centuries old. It is not a tonal language and many words are remarkably similar in sound. It does not use grammatical words to denote gender. The same word is used for all pronouns. There is no subject/verb agreement or words to describe time, such as past, present, and future tense. Malay translations would need to follow these intricate grammatical rules of the language for an accurate translation.

The Mandarin language is known by several names including Northern Chinese, Guanhua, and Kuan-hua. It uses four tones to distinguish words or syllables that have different meanings, but have the same consonants and vowels. It is mostly a monosyllabic language with a fixed word order. Modern Standard Chinese is spoken by the majority of the population of China and Taiwan. Mandarin translations need to distinguish words or syllables within the document for precise translation.

Tamil is considered the first classical Indian language and is spoken in Malaysia, England, Canada, South Africa, Germany, United States, France, and other well established nations.Although the classical language is still used, the written Tamil has adopted European-style punctuation and consonant clusters. Other changes include more complex sentence structures. Those preparing Tamil translations need to be familiar with both the classical language and modern writing rules to translate documents correctly.

Chambers Translations, one of the most respected services, supports over 80 languages including Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. The translators are familiar with all the nuances of each language and have experience in the field they serve. Translators at Chambers Translations are experienced in the fields of law, medicine, and pharmaceutical. Chambers has a reputation for treating each project as if it were their own. There is no job too small or too large for Chambers Translations. They guarantee the translation will be accurate and meet the client’s deadline as well as their needs. Clients of Chambers Translations are so please the many return for future projects and constitute 83% of the entire clientele of Chambers. For translation services, you can contact them at or logging into their website at

Thai Translation from Chambers

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Business transactions have increased in Asia at an amazing rate over the last few years, resulting in a need for qualified translators speaking the languages of the region. One of the most prominent languages of the region is Thai, spoken by around 65 million people. Chambers Translations is one of the leading companies translating to Thai for business.

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Many businesses have moved all or part of their facilities to Asia. While Asia has enjoyed the economic boom, the transactions have resulted in a need for translators familiar with the languages of Asia. Chambers Translations hires native speakers who are also familiar with business to ensure accuracy in both language and business.

One of the more difficult languages to learn is Thai. Although the syntax or order of the words is a simple pattern, the similar sounds of many letters complicateacquisition of the language. That is the reason Chambers Translations only hires native Thai speakers. Not many translation companies have a policy of hiring only native speakers. Chambers Translations goes a step further. Their Thai translators must also be familiar with the business they are serving. They are experienced with legal, medical, pharmaceutical, and other professions.

Chambers knows the complexity of contract negotiations and the problems inaccurate wording can cause in a legal situation. Employees who do Thai translation understand the seriousness of business transactions and the finality of a contract. When a Chambers Thai translation is used to conduct business, the client can be sure he or she is getting the best in translation services.

Services from Chambers Translations Thai speakers include more than just translation, which is the art of converting documents or phrases from one target language to another. They also offer Interpretation which is basically paraphrases the information every few sentences. Three different types of Interpretation are available. Whisper, the translator stands close to the client and whispers the interpretation. When the translator speaks after the speaker it is called Consecutive. Simultaneous is when the translator speaks at the same time as the speaker.

Another service of Chambers Translations available in Thai is Transcription or the art of putting the spoken word from a meeting or courtroom into writing. These transcriptions are certified by Chambers Translations.

Chambers Translations is the one of the oldest and most respected firms in the translation business. They have been serving the translation needs of their clients since 1995. Clients know that Chambers translators approach each project as if it were their own and take every task seriously regardless of size or difficulty. They make every effort to complete the request quickly and efficiently. This efficiency is what allows them to keep rates at some of the lowest in the business. Their commitment, quality service, dependability, and accuracy have earned the trust of their clients. Chambers is proud to say that 73% of their business is repeat customers. These customers were satisfied with the service they received and chose Chambers Translations again when they needed translation services.

Chambers Translations continues to grow and expand their services to keep up with this fast paced conglomerate world. It is their goal to be able to anticipate the needs of their clients and be equipped to meet those needs when the client asks.

Elite Translation Company in Singapore

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The elite translation company, Chambers Translation, has been serving Singapore since 1995. The company was founded to assist companies that wish to expand their enterprises to the rest of the world. More than just translations, Chambers has become one of the most trusted transcription companies in Singapore.

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World trade is nothing new, but over the last twenties years, it has expanded tremendously in Asia. This has created a need for translation service in Singapore. With contracts and major deals at stake, companies need reliable translation service. One company in Singapore that has been meeting translation needs with prompt, accurate, and trustworthy service since 1995 is Chambers Translations. Their many services are completed with attention to detail. Every translation project is taken seriously no matter how small or big.

Chambers Translations hires people who are experienced in a field and a language to protect the client’s interest. They are also bankers, lawyers, medical professionals, paralegals, pharmacists, and many other professions. Translation service is crucial for major corporations. The wording in legal documents is critical. Courts of law go strictly by what the legal document states. Incorrect translations could end up costing companies millions of dollars; especially when translating legal documents such as contracts. Chambers are also experienced in other fields.

A step up from translation is Certified Translation. Some documents need to be certified when translated. These include marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce decrees, work releases, and much more. Documents at Chambers are certified by someone in the field who understands the importance of wording.

Chambers is a translation company, but they offer many more services to assist their clients in growth. They also do interpreting which is a little different from translating. Interpretation is giving a synopsis of what was said every few minutes. This is helpful if the client is a non-native speaker. There are three different levels of interpretation from Chambers. Whispered interpretation is when an interpreter stands close to the client and whispers his or her interpretation as the speaker is speaking. Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter speaks after the speaker. Simultaneous is when the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker. Usually the client has an ear piece and listens to the interpreter through it.

Fees for services at Chambers depend on requirements of clients. A quote can be obtained by going to their website at and clicking on Quote in the menu. Complete the form as clearly as possible and someone will contact you with a quote.

Why do companies like Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Dior, and Reader’s Digest rely on Chambers Translations when they need something translated? It is because of their dedication, attention to detail, and the personal interest they take in every project. They are so trusted that 73% of their business consists of returning customers. They do both large and small jobs with just as much care.

Chambers Translations continues to grow and expand their services to meet the needs of the ever changing business world. They currently translate over 80 languages. They offer courses for those that want to learn a new language. More information is available on the website.