Translation services Singapore

If you need translation service in Singapore to translate personal or business documents, what should you do?

Your best option is to look for a well established translation services provider , there are a few options available if you search yellow pages or google.

How to decide who is right for you ?

The most important consideration would be track record of the company, apart from that you would also need to look at the availability of resources within the company to translate your material ie legal experts or medically trained staff or translators with knowledge in fields like engineering or Information technology.

Chambers translation services based in the heart of the business district of Singapore has an excellent track record, it has been providing professional translation services in Singapore for more than 20 years.

In addition it has a strong team of full time translators with domain knowledge in a number of fields including law, medicine, engineering and Information technology.

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How Translation Services and Search Engine Optimization Services Help You Sell Globally

Search Engine Optimization “refers to the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results”. SEO is considered an advantage for businesses in their growth and further success. Several articles speak of its importance and how it can help different types of businesses. You might have doubts of its efficiency and feasibility to aid in business growth. With this, I came up with a list on how SEO helps in selling your business globally.

• Popularity

Nowadays, the easiest way to raise any query about anything is through the internet. The public goes through the top suggestions that the results page generate most of the time. Those that are looked into are deemed to be the best results, if not the closest to the search. These top suggestions are also the ones that become more known to the public, may it be intentional or not. This is an advantage that you should not take for granted because through this more audience is gained by your website, which would mean more business.

• Credibility

Top searches are the ones that are patronized by the majority. As the majority supports these top searches, it proves that the product or business is guaranteed to be reliable. It has gained the trust of the majority of the online goers, thus anybody going through the internet with a similar search would want to consider seeing such website first.

• Social Promotion

With the popularity of social media, various products and services has been made known first through twitter, facebook, instagram and the like. These were status posts with pictures, statements and testimonies that promote the business. From one post to another or from posts that were shared a couple of times, these businesses have expanded their audience reach.

• An Investment that is Never Too Costly

Developing a website for your business may mean spending money. However, it would definitely pay off, especially when the website shows everything that your business has to offer. Translating your website into languages of your target customers will help you reach more customers. This will attract more consumers and show what the business can offer. After the development of the website, it will be published online and the entire world is able to see it as long as you wish to let them view your business offerings. Imagine physically going around the world advertising your company, aside from physical exhaustion of no guaranteed profits, it would also have something to do with financial exhaustion. With SEO, these two exhaustions are nowhere to be found and felt. Not only that because ROI is excellent in this form of advertisement.

• Works 24/7

SEO works for you. As long as there are people who go online to search, it works for you even beyond the search that you may not have thought of. Remember that it does not only show up on search pages when the exact words are searched. It suggests even the nearest searches made. Even when you are asleep and your physical office is closed, business goes on around the world and possible clients do not stop from considering what you can offer. In fact, business growth online do not stop.

• Important Marketing Strategy

If you speak of SEO several years ago, when searching online was not yet as popular as Google, any business might have second thoughts of investing their time on strategizing on this. They would choose print ads and media, and say that these are more efficient marketing strategies. However, in the 21st century where most people if not all are well versed with the use of the internet, SEO is a strategy that any business should not ignore. Everything you want to know about anything is found online. If you wish to know the various detergents around the world and compare them from one another, searching it online is better then conducting a survey personally. It is hassle-free. If your product is not well presented online, this is a huge edge to your competitors already. As much as print media promotion is important, online promotions of businesses is of equal importance to it.

• Business Traffic

As consumers continue to search online for their preference, there are always those that are known and seen first. If you are in the frontline of all the other businesses with a similar offering as yours, you definitely have that edge. Why? Obviously, it is because you are the first to be seen and considered. Any business would choose to be busy with several clients, rather than a business with only a few and seasonal clients. This may create more work load but this will definitely drive your business to further progress globally.

• Opportunities

When a website is created for your business, maybe you were only thinking of reaching the people within your vicinity. Unknowingly, there will be those people from different regions and races that will find your business as they search for an answer to their needs. You will be surprised to know that there are people interested about your company in the opposite part of the globe. Translating web content to major languages will help you reach wealthy customers who don’t speak English.This interest will materialize into a big break for your business. In no time, your business will be known to the entire world, even without you getting to that part of the world yet. Expansion of your business does not end geographically because you will also be faced by the other needs of your clients. This will not stop you. Instead you will have better opportunities of expanding what your company has to offer, and many other breaks will be up for your global business.

See how SEO is able to market your business globally? Details are only uploaded or posted online, without thinking of how far it will go. Whatever your purpose is, definitely it is for your business’ benefit. You might not see the entire process of how SEO can do this yet, but it will be in no doubt a guarantee that your business will unstoppably grow and expand in no time, as it continue to serve you with its purpose.

For all your multi lingual translation service queries or SEO requirements contact us via our website or call us on +6563391886

Translation services for modern commerce

Imagine a world with hundreds of languages having no one can speak a second language!We wouldn’t be able to communicate with people from other countries as well as having the chance to explore, and the business would be only limited locally. However, with the help of translation, we are able to cross this barrier of communication.Before the start of globalization, commerce activities were largely focused within a dedicated sector within the country. Thus, consumers would tend to have the same language and there were no barriers to communicate. With the scale of globalization in recent decades, there is motivation for industries which are wanting to establish their foothold in the global community to increase profits or to expand their business due to saturation in their domestic market. However, these industries face upscale challenges in moving to a new market which could include significant factors such as language, and they have to be creative by using different means in order to reach out to a more diverse group of consumers.

Modern commerce refers to a system which allows for the exchange of goods and services between members in an industry. The sole reason that language could be the most significant would be due to the easy access to the Internet in the 21st century. Consumers are beginning to be more tech savvy in doing their research and exploring other possibilities online.The volume of online transactions has been steadily increasing for the past decades which is proves that consumers are turning to online platforms as a means to purchase their needs for the ease of convenience. Industries have highlighted this as an important point and offers options in several languages for their consumers to understand.

There is a huge positive force when offering consumers the option to view materials in a language which they can understand the best. It should be not a surprise that people will tend to buy the product more if product description is in a language that they understood. The idea seems daunting given that there is a huge variety of languages worldwide spoken throughout the world. However, as what economies of scales suggest, it would be impractical and impossible to provide all the different language imaginable. Rather, research studies should be done to identify the group of consumers to be targeted to effectively capture the most customers. This strategy is widely seen in business such as airline companies which are highly competitive in nature. In addition, they also offer helplines which have offers the same variety of languages spoken to help customers in providing a holistic service.

This is also an interesting fact which can be observed widely in the e-commerce business. Products have descriptions in multiple languages to help consumers understand the various key functions of the item to the extent of rectifying minor defects by your own. This gives the consumer full knowledge in understanding, knowing and operating the product by himself. This is also evident in their surveys which respondents are likely only to feedback when the language is comfortable to them. This directly creates a feedback loop to the company in helping them to improve the product further for consumers.

We will now look in-depth to some of the major online e-commerce companies which havebenefited from the multiple language options. Amazon was once the major company that dominated the e-commerce scene. It operates within the USA but offers worldwide shopping online and shipping. It offers translation of different languages for products put on sale. This connects people of different languages to understand what is the product being sold and the estimated day of delivery. Another big major company that recently featured was Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma. Previously, export companies in China found it hard to advertise in a stable online marketplace. Even if they are able to advertise, people from other countries found it hard as it was mainly in Mandarin. However with a global website which offers translation to many languages, it was easier for the companies to achieve their target market.

The benefits of translation is not a one sided affair. It helps consumer to have a clearer view on what they are buying. It also does help customers understand what is presented to them. This is critical to be able build the confidence in the customer. For example, it is common for businesses to prepare contracts or documents in different languages to do business with foreign partners. This assures both parties that their interests are well taken care of and they have the ability to understand all the underlying conditions that are formed as part of the business. This also helps in the process to create a more amicable working environment.

Despite all the importance and benefits that translation offers, there will be the downside of it. One of the downside of translation would be probably the human touch to the context. It is difficult to convey the right emotions or feelings through translation as the meaning might differ if not done properly. Another negative issue will be finding the right translator. There is so much information revolving around the product that makes it difficult for an industry to completely translate all information into various machine translation doesn’t capture many nuances and context well. This might result in mistranslation which sometimes produces humor for end reader instead of useful information. Though outsourcing could be a possible way to offload the work, it could be an uphill and expensive task to find reliable translators to undertake the job.

Chambers Translation services will help you find the right translator with the appropriate background and skills to market your products and services globally. You can reach them thru their website and you can contact them thru +65 63391886.

Importance of good Thai Language Translation

Many companies aim for expansion and globalization. Thailand is one of the most prominent countries in Asia. Thailand’s economy is fast growing with the GDP of 387.3 billion USD last 2013. In dealing with the Thai people, one must understand the language and be able to communicate to them. The Thai society demands several registers of speech depending on who you are talking to. Considering this will also lead to a better understanding of the people you are dealing with. As the economy of Thailand flourishes, tourists and businessmen alike are drawn to the country.

Considering at how the country was able to manage its’ economy with the ill effects that the natural calamity brought, this leaves a good impression and encourages more foreign companies to invest in the country. More and more language translators and interpreters are needed in business transactions to have a thorough understanding on their existing agreements and policies. Furthermore, relationships are of great value by Thai people and so with the aid of interpretation and translation, this will help strengthen the business relationships achieving harmony and effectiveness.

Good quality Thai translation is very important because it can make or break business transactions. Professionally and technically done translation can help to make the communication easier between two parties. In doing translation, even the slightest mistake can be a big problem because it may cause some confusion, misconception and misunderstanding. It can damage the whole negotiation process and can cause damage to company’s reputation. It is very risky and critical to a company to choose a good translation company that can help them in their translation needs. Experience, skills and professionalism are the key factors in choosing a good translation company to represent you in your translation requests.

With more than 20 years experience in the field of translation, Chambers Translation Service can assist you in your translation requirements. Chambers is well-experienced in different fields like legal, technical, medical, finance and marketing aspects. Together with the help Chambers skilled and professional Thai translators, good quality communication can be achieved.

For assistance in your Thai translation you can contact Chambers Consultants Pte Ltd via website or call +65 63391886

Importance of Quality Japanese Translation Service

Among hundreds of language translations, Japanese translation is one service area where there is now an abundance of translation companies. When a company or an individual is searching for translation service, except the price and time etc., the most important factor is the quality. Good quality of translation can win reputation and more business opportunities for both translation companies and their clients.

Currently, the market for Japanese translation is also increasing. According to Japan Times, a growing number of Japanese companies have moved some of their headquarters or key functions to Singapore, along with their globalization, which also means there is a great potential for Japanese translation service. Furthermore, according to the research by Translation study (, Japanese language ranks the fifth of Top 10 language markets by average GDP per capita, with 94,000,000 internet users and an average GDP of USD$33,800.00, the Japanese market represents nearly USD 3.7 trillion.

If a translator fails to grasp the content of original document, the result will be a mistranslation. The worst thing is that mistranslation can be quite costly and leads to serious consequences, such as damage to corporate image, slow progress in production and loss in business opportunities. Generally, individuals as well as businesses want to work with companies with a positive image. When translating important business documents, even the smallest mistake can cause disastrous financial issue as well as lawsuits, which can damage the reputation plus profits of the company. For instance, in 2009, HSBC bank had to launch a $10 million rebranding campaign to repair the damage done when its catchphrase “Assume Nothing” was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in various countries.

According to a survey done by the Global information Management provider, 80% of global firms have suffered a loss in revenue due to translation errors. Another example of a costly translation mistake is the typographical error on the front cover of the annual report of a European lens manufacturer, which led to all the reports having to be re-printed, this came at a costly price to the company, and illustrates why it is imperative for a company not to fall into the trap of complacency. Therefore, professional translation is quite essential for any company when choosing a good Japanese translation service. No company can afford to take risks, choosing a trustworthy and professional translation company is critical. An article published on BBC News, Charles Duncombe, a British Internet entrepreneur proved, through the analysis of his own websites, that even a “minor” spelling mistake or grammatical error can reduce sales by up to 50%.

Chambers has a good and experienced team of Japanese translators. For your Japanese translation needs visit their website or call +65 63391886.