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Legal translation services are very specialized services required for contracts, courts of law, and many other legal matters. The linguisticcontraction of two different languages makes translating word for word almost impossible. Companies whichrely on translation services know and understand that. It makes for a much better document if the client and translator work together as a team.Legal Translation Serviceshave not been as common as the language translation services, since they require special skills and knowledge. Chambers legal translation services are very unique in that, the translators work closely with the client to ensure that the final document doesn’t lose the original message.

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Often businesses need legal translation services. Legal translation means the translation of documents within the field of law. Law is a very specialized field and sometimes seems like it has its own language. Due to the serious ramifications of inaccurate translations of the documents, they should be translated by someone who is trained in the field of law.

What should one have in mind when translating legal documents?
• The document is structured for the culture it is written for and should be translated by someone who understands the legal system of both cultures.
• The document is written to define rights and duties of each individual or company. When translating these rights must be made clear in the target language.
• Linguists may not be common in both languages and must be adjusted during the translation.
• Verbatim translations are rarely possible due to the different syntax rules in languages.
• If a legal dictionary is used, it must be of high quality.

Chambers Translations has been offering legal translations for almost twenty years. They understand the vital information in a legal document. An inaccurately translated document could cost the corporation a lot of money. Chambers hires native speaking translators who are experienced in the legal system. These translators understand the legal terminology used in contracts. They are extremely careful that the rights of each individual are spelled out clearly in both languages. The translations are in the syntax or language pattern of the target language without deviation from the meaning from the source text.

Chambers Legal Translation services are available online on, making them accessible to the clients and native speaking translators. They translate over 80 languages. Certification of marriage license, birth certificates, divorce decrees, back to releases, educational transcripts, and many other legal documents is available with the assurance of accurate translations and certifications each time.

Transcription is the act of converting spoken word into written document. This is one of Chambers specialties. The cost and completion time varies with the length and quality of the audio. Chambers transcribesmedia such as audio files, video files, and corporate video. They transcribe for court, medical records, and social media. Their transcriptions are respected in each profession and have been used to assist in legal and medical decisions. Therefore, regardless of the media in which you content which requires translation is, you can have our specialized services by contacting us at +65 6339 1886.

Clients of Chambers know their project will be treated with the respect and urgency it deserves. Each project, whether big or small, is treated as if it belonged to the translator and handled with care and thoughtfulness. Chambers has a guaranteed delivery date with each project. They also guarantee each translation.

Chambers Translations has been serving business translation needs efficiently and affordably since 1995. The quality of their translations and transcripts is second to none.
For more information contact Chambers Translations at or Under the menu tab “Quote” fill out the form with as much detail as possible and a representative will contact you shortly. Chambers can be reached by telephone at +65 6339 1886.

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