Importance of Quality Japanese Translation Service

Among hundreds of language translations, Japanese translation is one service area where there is now an abundance of translation companies. When a company or an individual is searching for translation service, except the price and time etc., the most important factor is the quality. Good quality of translation can win reputation and more business opportunities for both translation companies and their clients.

Currently, the market for Japanese translation is also increasing. According to Japan Times, a growing number of Japanese companies have moved some of their headquarters or key functions to Singapore, along with their globalization, which also means there is a great potential for Japanese translation service. Furthermore, according to the research by Translation study (, Japanese language ranks the fifth of Top 10 language markets by average GDP per capita, with 94,000,000 internet users and an average GDP of USD$33,800.00, the Japanese market represents nearly USD 3.7 trillion.

If a translator fails to grasp the content of original document, the result will be a mistranslation. The worst thing is that mistranslation can be quite costly and leads to serious consequences, such as damage to corporate image, slow progress in production and loss in business opportunities. Generally, individuals as well as businesses want to work with companies with a positive image. When translating important business documents, even the smallest mistake can cause disastrous financial issue as well as lawsuits, which can damage the reputation plus profits of the company. For instance, in 2009, HSBC bank had to launch a $10 million rebranding campaign to repair the damage done when its catchphrase “Assume Nothing” was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in various countries.

According to a survey done by the Global information Management provider, 80% of global firms have suffered a loss in revenue due to translation errors. Another example of a costly translation mistake is the typographical error on the front cover of the annual report of a European lens manufacturer, which led to all the reports having to be re-printed, this came at a costly price to the company, and illustrates why it is imperative for a company not to fall into the trap of complacency. Therefore, professional translation is quite essential for any company when choosing a good Japanese translation service. No company can afford to take risks, choosing a trustworthy and professional translation company is critical. An article published on BBC News, Charles Duncombe, a British Internet entrepreneur proved, through the analysis of his own websites, that even a “minor” spelling mistake or grammatical error can reduce sales by up to 50%.

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