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The elite translation company, Chambers Translation, has been serving Singapore since 1995. The company was founded to assist companies that wish to expand their enterprises to the rest of the world. More than just translations, Chambers has become one of the most trusted transcription companies in Singapore.

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World trade is nothing new, but over the last twenties years, it has expanded tremendously in Asia. This has created a need for translation service in Singapore. With contracts and major deals at stake, companies need reliable translation service. One company in Singapore that has been meeting translation needs with prompt, accurate, and trustworthy service since 1995 is Chambers Translations. Their many services are completed with attention to detail. Every translation project is taken seriously no matter how small or big.

Chambers Translations hires people who are experienced in a field and a language to protect the client’s interest. They are also bankers, lawyers, medical professionals, paralegals, pharmacists, and many other professions. Translation service is crucial for major corporations. The wording in legal documents is critical. Courts of law go strictly by what the legal document states. Incorrect translations could end up costing companies millions of dollars; especially when translating legal documents such as contracts. Chambers are also experienced in other fields.

A step up from translation is Certified Translation. Some documents need to be certified when translated. These include marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce decrees, work releases, and much more. Documents at Chambers are certified by someone in the field who understands the importance of wording.

Chambers is a translation company, but they offer many more services to assist their clients in growth. They also do interpreting which is a little different from translating. Interpretation is giving a synopsis of what was said every few minutes. This is helpful if the client is a non-native speaker. There are three different levels of interpretation from Chambers. Whispered interpretation is when an interpreter stands close to the client and whispers his or her interpretation as the speaker is speaking. Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter speaks after the speaker. Simultaneous is when the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker. Usually the client has an ear piece and listens to the interpreter through it.

Fees for services at Chambers depend on requirements of clients. A quote can be obtained by going to their website at http://chamberstranslations.com and clicking on Quote in the menu. Complete the form as clearly as possible and someone will contact you with a quote.

Why do companies like Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Dior, and Reader’s Digest rely on Chambers Translations when they need something translated? It is because of their dedication, attention to detail, and the personal interest they take in every project. They are so trusted that 73% of their business consists of returning customers. They do both large and small jobs with just as much care.

Chambers Translations continues to grow and expand their services to meet the needs of the ever changing business world. They currently translate over 80 languages. They offer courses for those that want to learn a new language. More information is available on the website.

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