Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing ( DTP ) Services in Johor, Malaysia

The Desktop publishing industry in Johor is vibrant as foreign corporations seek to expand in Johor and advertise their products and services actively. Local advertising companies in Malaysia and Johor, especially in the growing Iskandar Region, have experienced an increase in their clientele’s needs for marketing materials to be written in foreign languages.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing in Malaysia has evolved from the manual process to the process of creating visual displays of ideas and information (for desktop or commercial printing or electronic distribution including PDF, slide shows, email newsletters, and the Web) by using computer and supporting software(s).

The translators and desktop publishing staff in Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd have been helping corporations, especially advertising companies in the text acquisition stage, graphic designers may need to translate the original texts and typeset the translated texts into the final page composition. As a Language Translation Centre in Malaysia, the services range from translation of common English texts to foreign scripts that are ready for bidirectional language typesetting.

Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd in-house DTP team has a comprehensive knowledge of typesetting of foreign scripts into a wide range of software packages on both PC and Mac, apart from Adobe Illustrator which is the predominantly used graphic software in Johor and Malaysia. We typeset into your existing artwork template so that the foreign language version looks as good as the original.

Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd can easily typeset Middle Eastern languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic that are usually written from right to left.  Sometimes, the whole document consists of bidirectional texts, which means there is a mixture of both right to left (RTL) and left to right (LTR) texts in the documents.

At other times, languages written in left to right scripts are often mixed in with numbers that are written with the most significant digit beginning in the left most position, just as in European or other left to right text.  Hence, the complete document is bidirectional in nature with a mixture of both right to left (RTL) and left to right (LTR) writing.

Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd can also typeset double-byte (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) scripts into various media which ranges from single business cards to hundred page multi-language product catalogues, and websites.

Today in Johor and Malaysia, Chambers Translation Sdn Bhd are helping desktop publishers and graphic designers to quickly and easily manipulate text in graphics in a more cost effective manner and venture into new languages so as to serve companies who are developing new businesses in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

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